Application Specific ICs:
Closing the Gap between Research and Industry

Workshop on Design, Production and Industrialization of ASICs

Bridging theory and practice on IC design and industrialization is quite a challenge. This workshop brings speakers from both sides together. We will start with a keynote followed by several orators from university and industry about new trends in microelectronics.
Schools tend to focus on hot and snazzy trends full of high tech but in most cases the business world is quite different. The workshop targets engineers from small and mid size companies, who want to learn about new ideas and methods for their design flows and products as well as for scientists, who want to get feedback from the practice.
Pricing: (students reduction applies)
 Option 1: Day 1 presentations only - CHF 175.- (students CHF 50.-)
 Option 2: Day 1 plus cultural & social events - CHF 250.- (students CHF 175.-)
 Option 3: Full program (Day 1&2) - CHF 350.- (students CHF 225.-)
 Option 4: Day 1 and 2, no social event - (only for students CHF 100.-)
Venue: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Station 11, CH-1015 Lausanne

PDF Flyer of the 2012 EPFL seminar/workshop
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